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Long overdue for a decent pickleball facility.

Dennis Haggerty

Owner SquashMad.com

I wish you every success. I am in almost daily contact with Toronto club owner Ed Alvarez. We share the same vision that we need to be building a new style of club for the future to safeguard the future of the sport. In the UK, I have launched the Squash 200 Consultancy with a builder and a court builder. Our whole ethos is to drive down the building costs to encourage a new generation of club owners. The key is for squash to partner with emerging sports like padel and pickleball, with a strong gym/fitness presence to drive revenues and social facilities for the whole community. Right now health is top of the global news agenda and clubs like this can deliver genuine health benefits to the whole community.

Alan Thatcher

Owner SquashMad.com

I think this is a great venture. In my mind pickleball provides a wider range of entry to racquet sports in general which will lead to increased participation in other racquet sports. The social component cannot be understated. Since COVID I have really missed the squash community at Good Life and through the organized leagues the wider London squash community. Played lots of outdoor pickleball this summer and saw a dramatic increase in play on the local courts and made new friends as a result. A venture like this has nothing but upside providing great social connections and a great way to exercise. I believe this venture will not meet the demand and additional clubs will be needed. Can’t wait for this club to open

Rick Willms

I think this is something that London needs and I am so happy that it may be in the works!

Melody Gilmore

Pickleball is a fast growing sport in our community and elsewhere and we do not have the facilities to meet the demand. New facilities are required to continue to grow the sport and keep people active.

Dave Hurgett

Londoners need more access to pickleball courts. I have my shovel ready to dig the foundation. Please support the SWOP initiative!

Ruth Duncan

Pickleball has been growing in leaps and bounds over the years in London and area and sadly the facility availability has not been able to keep up with this demand. SWOPSC is the answer! How exciting to think about this amazing prospect that will allow players from all over to gather and compete both socially and competitively in one large centre. “If they build it, they will come” this quote from the movie Field of Dreams encompasses what I believe will happen if SWOPSC comes to fruition. A centre like this is long overdue in our area and I know our community and surrounding area will support it wholeheartedly!

Sandy Perryman

Pickleball is NOT just a SPORT – It’s a way of life for the young and old alike. When the world shut down last March due to Covid and we could not play at any venue, what did we do? We improvised by turning our garages in a makeshift court, turning our driveways into a court, turning our streets into a court, building residential courts, converting residential tennis courts into pickleball courts. SWOPSC will allow players of all ages to play year long without interruptions. SWOPSC believes that pickleball is a way of life. It is NOT an idea or a thought but a well laid out plan and we NEED YOU! Join US by filling out the survey on the SWOPS website and by making a donation

Vicki Carrothers

Squash and Pickleball are fantastic sports requiring minimal equipment. Developing new facilities will help make sure that as many players as possible have access to courts and will promote participation / competition throughout the region. This is a great initiative.

Jay Nash

Until squash was taken away from me, I had no idea that other sports like pickleball is so much fun. The pace and rhythm is different but it is helping me develop better footwork. Pickleball is less power demanding, it helps if you have a stubborn tennis elbow that won’t go away. But nothing can happen if we don’t have courts.

Karen Lam

Any physical sport that can be played with relative ease and equally enjoyed by men, women and children at various levels should be encouraged. As a family and social outing squash and pickle-ball are great easy sports to play and offer many health benefits. The two sports are easily interchangeable offering different challenges. It’s great. There is no down side for family fun and or at a more competitive level. Either way its a win win situation. It would be really nice to see happen.

Chris Staeger

This would be a great community achievement. We have all sorts of facilities for other interests (think libraries, swimming pools and hockey) but very little in the area of racquet sports. I’m all in! Let’s make it happen.

Brad Smith

This is a visionary concept and design. This is not “build it and they will come”. We are here already.

Frank Pyka

What an opportunity to be part of something where demand exceeds availability.  SWO needs this Centre and it is our chance to be the FIRST and the BEST in N. America. Let’s do it!

Bernie Dunn

When this facility comes to fruition it will be unlike anything else currently being offered in Ontario, and will be a game changer in the pickleball community. A dedicated facility like this will be to welcome new players and veterans alike through organized play, leagues, and instruction, plus it will have the resources to host people from all over North America and the world for tournaments, clinics and other events. The sport is growing faster than quality facilities are being offered to players, and the SWOPS Centre will fill a gaping hole in the market

Blair Hough

I will definitely spread the word of your fantastic initiative. This is a wonderful initiative and I can understand your survey. Finding the unique balance of cost versus accessibility for everyone will be so very important moving forward. I look forward to playing and competing in your facility.

Dwayne Yeager

I am looking forward to two things that SWOPSC is going to bring to our area. First the number of playing courts should allow for more flexible court bookings, ” I won’t have to compete for time with tennis players who have priority booking” . And second, league and ladder programs and team events. Looking forward to hearing about the next step in the journey.

Greg Ford

Looking forward to having a real place to play, eat, socialize, etc. with all my friends! Just can’t wait to see it finalized! Glad you are not “dinking” around – a “smashing” facility!!

Jacques Roy

Earth shatteringly needed. Get it up and running. Let’s get our youth competitive versus the states.

Looney Tremblay

Great concept with room for expansion . Non profit a must, with accountable management and fair court allocation. Something for everyone. Bring it on!

Nick Bidmead

Looking forward to this facility being built. The sooner the better, as it will benefit the whole pickleball community in the Southwestern Ontario area.

Steve Doyle

Pickleball is a fast growing sport in our community and elsewhere and we do not have the facilities to meet the demand.  New facilities are required to continue to grow the sport and keep people active.

Dave Hurgett

I am looking forward to playing pickleball at this amazing facility!

Deb Noble-Van Hees

I’d like to share an observation. Maybe you don’t know this but I’m not a very good Pickleball player and I don’t really care – it’s not really a passion for me but it’s fun and I like it. What I am passionate about is staying in fairly decent shape so I can move into retirement with a body that will support me. What I’ve noticed is the improvement in the health of so many of these ladies you’ve encouraged to play. When we started a few years ago there were so many of them that were wearing braces and hobbling around. They were much more timid and self-conscious. I looked around on Thursday and was so pleasantly surprised to notice how much better they are all doing. Really! It is so important for people to move and you’ve created a game setting to support this. Good job Sharon

Karen Murphy

This sounds like a great venture and I am looking forward to playing in your facility

Scott Elliott

Hi, our family loves the idea. Happy to help any way I can!

Trevor Lewington

Great idea this area needs this.

Larry Doan

I LOVE this idea!!! 🙂 London needs more squash!!

Laren Hylands

Pay as you play good option for seniors who play occasionally

Joyce Blair

Great initiative.

Joe DiBattasta

I like the fact that it will be a not-for-profit facility and that it will also have a lounge and therefore social aspect to the club. Should this project go forward my wife and I will definitely be interested in joining.

Greg Quigg

Sarnia Bluewater Pickleball would totally spread the word and support this facility! A well needed facility for SW Ontario! As the saying goes, Build it and they will Come!

Christine Spitzig

Sports are a fantastic way to develop an active lifestyle and make great friends. I’d like kids in London to have access to this type of not-for-profit facility.

Cam Chadwick

Great idea, long overdue

Avril Mellows

Seems to me it’s a pretty important initiative. I sure hope you guys can make it happen.

Rick Willms

Squash Enthusiast

The concept looks great! I am super excited to play doubles squash there and looking forward to youth programs for my daughter!

Jeff Hartling

Squash Enthusiast

The concept looks amazing and would allow all members of the squash and pickleball communities to come together under one amazing roof. My kids aren’t welcome at my current gym and this would give them the opportunity to play both sports – promoting exercise, building confidence and developing friendships.

Scott Knickle

from FaceBook

Love this idea. We are behind you all the way. Look at south London near the 401. Looking forward to more info as this dream becomes a reality

Nancy Hunter Luftenegger

from FaceBook

Finally a facility with dedicated courts of the correct size and enough of them with all the time in the world to play, practice, work out, and sit and relax afterward. The sooner the better!

Peter Singleton

Pickleball Enthusiast

This is a fantastic project. Combining two sports in one facility makes great sense. The focus on encouraging young people to take up sports is very important to their mental and physical health and the bonus is the growth in the interest in Squash and Pickleball. London and the surrounding area needs this facility!!!!

Ross Davidson

from FaceBook

London is in desperate need of a facility like this. I am excited to learn that this is in the works, and look forward to being part of a top notch facility.

MIchelle Cooke

It would be nice to have a place where you can reliably get a court for pickleball.

Mike Sheffar

I wish I had a huge chunk of money to contribute to this endeavour 🙂


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