Platinum $500 or more

Rick Willms

Ontario Pickleball StoreJay Salisbury

Ontario Pickleball Store
Jay Salisbury

Ian Boundy

Gold $250-499

HMS InsuranceKevin Hodgins

HMS Insurance
Kevin Hodgins

Sheffar Planning and Referral Services Mike Sheffar

Sheffar Planning and Referral Services
Mike Sheffar

Custom Charcuterie ArtWorksRob Hill

Custom Charcuterie ArtWorks
Rob Hill

Wiggles 3DDon and Joyce Reid

Wiggles 3D
Don and Joyce Reid

Helen Pak

Shelly Ball

John Porter

Balfour & Marg Noble

Joe & Veronica Sadowski

Silver $100-249

Brian Huston
Ted Rice
Chris Campbell
Don Irwin-Morrow
Frank Pyka
Lisa Bogdan
Murray Shaw
Peter Singleton
Peter Urkedal
Sharon Scarfone
Ralph Hackbarth
Ryan Harder
Ross Davidson
David & Helen Hall
Scott Knickle
Rick & Valentyna Stevens
Michael Vandepoele
Dan & Nancy Clement
Barbara Gonyou
Larry Doan
Barry Alexander
Jim Stuart
Cam Chadwick
Jeremy Frank
Garth Sinker
Mark Darling
Joan Lapierre
Louis Lapierre
Hristo Nikolov
Helen Campbell
Billy Byrne
Tim Van Hees
Theresa Mathers
Bob Martin
Bill Smith
David Carr
Jacques Roy
Joe Edmiston
Sandra Perryman
Robert Stewart
Sunny Chan
Saeed Rouhani

Bronze $50-99

Bernie Dunn
Pat Jackson
Trevor Lewington
Lyle McLean
Melody Gilmore
Robert McManus
Roy Perovich
Christine & Nick Bidmead
Tina Vanderwallen-Howey
Rose Cammaert
Nancy & Dave Hurgett
Karen Lam
Bradley Bishop
Jacob Vader
Michel Larouche
Scott Crich
Jill Jakob
Paul Evans
Sara Lanthier


Carolyn Murray
Feasibility Survey

If we build it, will you come? Tell us how. We’re offering free one-month memberships for everyone who completes the survey. Help us build a centre with the features important to you.


This Feasibility Study will cost approximately $20,000, so if you like to see this centre built, please make a donation ($50-$500) in order for us to make this a reality.
You can e-transfer from your online bank account to us at [email protected]

Money raised by donations will be spent on promotion (video production, advertising, website), lawyer fees, accountant fees, and a Certified Business Valuator. Not only will the money cover expenses, but it will also prove to future corporate donors that we have a committed community supporting our vision.

Click here to email [email protected] questions about making a donation.