We’re a talented group of creative individuals enthusiastic about bringing a unique sporting facility to people of all ages in SouthWestern Ontario.

Murray Shaw


In 1982 founded Murray Shaw Roofing Inc. Retired in 2011 after 29 years.

London Home Builders Association: board member, renovation council chair, Ontario, builder judge.

London Better Business Bureau: steering committee member, board member.

London Squash & Fitness Club: chair of many committees, fundraising, secretary, treasurer, & president.

Community Emergency Response Volunteer (CERV).

Junior Achievement volunteer.

Member of the Jesters’ group promoting and supporting squash at all levels.

Created outreach program for the game of squash for participants aged 6 yrs and up.

Canadian Champion for juvenile & junior squash (hardball and softball).

Represented Canada at the World Squash Juniors twice, once as team captain.

Played in National Collegiate Athletic Association squash champioinships representing Canada (UWO) twice.

Member of team that won team championship and personally won B division.

Has an annual squash scholarship at Western U, the “Murray Shaw Men’s Squash Scholarship”.

Frank Pyka

Vice Chair

Over 15 years of not-for-profit governance experience.

Served in an executive capacity at Foundation Western and now Family Service Thames Valley.

An active squash player, who is excited to test the feasibility of creating a not-for-profit racquet sport facility for our region.

Don Irwin-Morrow


Retired UWO kinesiology professor after 42 years.

Played intercollegiate squash and badminton for 5 years and have continued playing squash for more than 50 years.

Avid long-distance runner with some 25 marathons completed; coached both intercollegiate squash and badminton; taught squash and badminton skills to undergraduate kinesiology students for years.

Certified instructor in SCUBA diving, cross-country skiing, and canoeing.

Recent convert to pickleball in the last two years and am passionate about playing and developing the sport.

Co-own (with my wife, Jen) and run a small consulting business teaching motivational interviewing skills and concepts to health professionals www.monarchsystem.com.

Devoted blogger www.tumblehome.blog; especially relish its creative writing outlet.

Dog-lover with two Portuguese water dogs in our home.

Ralph Hackbarth

Pickleball Representative

Retired London high school physical education teacher.

Competitive background in many sports including volleyball, badminton, squash, racquetball, and pickleball.

Pickleball instructor/coach/drill sergeant.

Amongst the top pickleball players in South Western Ontario.

Official ranking of level 4.5 as a USA and Canada pickleball tournament player.

Animal lover.

Peter Singleton

Pickleball Representative

Played PB for about 10 years.

Helped start London Pickleball Club.

Started Singleton Paddles Inc. which is now owned and run by my son.

I teach, referee, and promote PB.

Self-employed creating prototypes for designers, inventors, and engineers.

I now repair paddles, customize grips for those with arthritis, regrip paddles.

Graduate in Architectural Technology from Mohawk College in Hamilton.

Lisa Bogdan

Squash Representative

Graduated HBSc (Statistics) from UWO too long ago.

A love of sports since my youth including basketball, volleyball, track, Tae Kwon Do, and 25 years of squash playing.

Currently working on provincial coaching and officiating certifications for squash.

Lucky enough to be a team member on the winning Canadian Masters Team in 2019.

Participant in “Changing the Game; Changing the Conversation”; a government funded program to engage women in sports.

The ability to simply move and be active and to enjoy good health I consider to be the biggest luxuries in life.

Makes the best Star Trek shortbread this side of the universe.

Chris Campbell

Squash Representative

Started play racquetball in the mid eighties, then converted to squash in 1990.

Team captain within SouthWestern Ontario Squash League (SWOSL) for over 10 years.

League Convener for SWOSL for 7 years.

Squash Ontario 2018 Outstanding Achievement Award recipient.

Created first online squash ladder at GoodLife (King & Wellington).

Married and father of three competitive swimming daughters.

Software developer / analyst / consultant.

Fiction author.

Sailed the waters of Lake Huron for 16 years.

Nationally ranked marching percussionist.

Often spotted juggling limes while making the perfect margarita.

Peter Urkedal

Squash Representative

Norwegian Business School graduate with considerable experience in sales, auditing, self-employment, title purchasing, & logistics management.

Soldiering service for Norway.

Co-owner, since 2015, of Of Courts, racket sports and court shoes specialty retailer; services and products for tennis, badminton, squash, racquetball, table tennis, pickleball, & volleyball.

Founded Xamsa as a part of my racket stringing business. Xamsa is a dedicated squash brand that seeks to outperform all other brands on both quality and price, a huge value proposition! The branding is always neutral and will fit anyone’s style, loud or discreet. We can accomplish this through a shortened distribution chain and lower overhead costs.

Feasibility Survey

If we build it, will you come? Tell us how. We’re offering free one-month memberships for everyone who completes the survey. Help us build a centre with the features important to you.


This Feasibility Study will cost approximately $20,000, so if you like to see this centre built, please make a donation ($50-$500) in order for us to make this a reality.
You can e-transfer from your online bank account to us at [email protected]

Money raised by donations will be spent on promotion (video production, advertising, website), lawyer fees, accountant fees, and a Certified Business Valuator. Not only will the money cover expenses, but it will also prove to future corporate donors that we have a committed community supporting our vision.

Click here to email [email protected] questions about making a donation.